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Practice Areas

Administrative services

Alcogal now offers you a comprehensive solution to all your administrative needs.

Serviced office rentals, which include:

  • Office space
  • Physical address
  • Basic services (internet, security, facilities maintenance)
  • E-mail
  • Telephone and fax lines
  • Receptionist
  • Cafeteria




Additional administrative services:

  • Administrative support (private or shared assistants)
  • Meeting rooms
  • IT solutions:
    • Domain acquisition and administration
    • Server administration
    • Data backup services
    • IT support
    • Cell phone management
  • Custody of documents
  • Mail forwarding services
  • Billing services
  • Accounting services
  • Payroll services
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Personnel outsourcing
  • Recruitment
  • Contract drafting
  • Bank account opening and monitoring

Relocation services:

  • Visas and work permits
  • Real estate
  • Property management
  • Interior design
  • Appliances installation
  • Insurance
  • Language classes
  • School search
  • Account opening and closing
  • Other services

Company History

ALEMAN, CORDERO, GALINDO & LEE was established in 1985 and has quickly become one of Panama's leading law firms in the offshore area as well as in banking law and in representing large corporations doing business in the country. The firm's offshore practice is supported by its offices in the Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong Continue reading ...