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Alcogal associates participate in mentoring program for WIP Panama

The second mentoring program of the WIP Panama Foundation, under the Women in Profession program (WIP), was held at the Alcogal offices during the month of June. Alcogal associates, Dr. Rita de la Guardia and Nicole Fernández, participated in the mentoring program and shared their experiences in the legal sector. WIP Panama, through its programs and training, seeks to advise and promote women lawyers within the profession.



Company History

ALEMAN, CORDERO, GALINDO & LEE was established in 1985 and has quickly become one of Panama's leading law firms in the offshore area as well as in banking law and in representing large corporations doing business in the country. The firm's offshore practice is supported by its offices in the Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong Continue reading ...