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Arbitration Lawyers in Panama

Alcogal’s arbitration lawyers in Panama advise clients on matters of local and international arbitration, labor and immigration disputes and mediation among others.

Many business contracts require that the parties use arbitration to resolve disputes. At Alcogal, our arbitration lawyers in Panama represent clients in arbitrations, seeking to protect their interests and secure favorable outcomes. With significant legal experience, our attorneys know very well the disruption and expense that can result from legal disputes. Arbitration is often a less costly and more efficient way to address issues between parties to a contract.

Arbitration is not litigation. Rather, both parties make their cases to an agreed-upon third-party arbitrator or panel who reviews all the evidence and arrives at a decision. The decision of the arbitrator is generally legally binding, with limited recourse to litigation after an unfavorable decision. This makes it important for parties to an arbitration to retain knowledgeable legal counsel; the stakes could be very high.

Advantages and benefits of arbitration in Panama

Dispute resolution processes are alternatives to having a dispute decided through litigation instituted in court. Arbitration may be used to resolve many types of dispute, including employment disputes.

Mediation Legal Services

Mediations is another form of alternative dispute resolution. Unlike arbitration, mediation is usually not binding and therefore requires a different strategic approach.

Some construction, real estate, and other commercial contracts require that the parties go into mediation before advancing to the arbitration stage or litigation in a court.

We understand the process of mediation fully. Mediation may be contractually required, or the parties may agree jointly to try to resolve their disputes through mediation. It allows both parties to be a part of a negotiated decision reached as part of the process. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement through mediation, they may move to arbitration, or take the matter to trial.

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