Our corporate social responsibility program is an integral part of our firm’s culture.

We believe there is more to work than the ‘day job’ and we want to ensure that our people have the opportunity to give back in any way they can.

We promote a culture that encourages the development of new ideas and initiatives to help address issues that affect our society today. Whether through fundraising activities or efforts to improve the environment we live in, we aim to make a difference in people’s lives and local communities.

CSR is a priority for us

As a reputable law firm, we feel a strong sense of responsibility for the development of a more sustainable society. It’s why we ensure that CSR remains an integral part of our firm and culture.

We are minimizing our environmental impact by embracing new technologies and inspiring people to continuously make conscious decisions on whether their behavior would best fit an environmentally friendly approach.

High professional and ethical standards law firm in panama

At Alcogal we believe that setting ourselves high professional and ethical standards and acting responsibly in our dealings with our clients, our people and the wider community makes us a better law firm, a better employer and a better corporate citizen.

We focus on supporting projects that directly benefit our communities, primarily in the areas of Education and Social Welfare

Example Projects

Below are some examples of projects that we have undertaken in the last few years:

  • Alcogal donated paint cans to the program Mi Escuela Primero.
  • Alcogal joins the Voces Vitales Panama organization by delivering a donation and receiving one of the students of the “My First Salary” program to start her professional practice with our firm. Voces Vitales Panama is a non-profit organization that promotes education and the economic empowerment of Panamanian women.
  • Alcogal donated 45 seedlings of different species to the Metropolitan Natural Park as part of the reforestation program.
  • Alcogal associates participated as volunteers for the “Tutor del Barrio” (Neighborhood’s Tutor) program organized by the Julio Palacios Foundation. The project consists of providing educational and recreational workshops to Panamanian children during the summer vacation.
  • Alcogal contributed to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by joining the annual Family Walk organized by FundAyuda.

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