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Litigation Lawyers in Panama

Alcogal’s litigation lawyers in Panama have established themselves as leading commercial litigation lawyers. Few, if any, firms offer the breadth and depth of experience in commercial litigation matters that we do. Our litigation practice is best known for handling important, complex and novel disputes.

Alcogal’s team of seasoned trial lawyers in Panama advise clients on matters of administrative proceedings before public agencies, Supreme Court litigation, civil and business litigation, appellate litigation, antitrust, banking and financial services litigation, and telecommunications litigation, among others.

We represent publicly held companies, privately held entities and individuals in a wide range of commercial litigation matters before courts, administrative agencies, self-regulatory organizations, and in arbitration.

Commercial Litigation

At Alcogal, we have the experience to resolve effectively all disputes that arise in the commercial realm. Our strength in the courts and at the negotiation table has allowed us to achieve an extensive record of success in commercial litigation.

The majority of business disputes are related to contract matters. At Alcogal, we can resolve these and all other commercial disputes, including:

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Construction disputes

A contract dispute or other business dispute can prevent a business from moving forward with day-to-day affairs. This alone is one critical reason to resolve these disputes in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Panama

All commercial litigation matters are assigned to a partner. That partner, working with one or more associates as the matter requires, is actively involved in the case and is available to answer any questions or concerns the client may have. One of the great strengths of Alcogal is that we have excellent, experienced attorneys in a number of areas in addition to litigation. This allows our Commercial litigation attorneys to consult with attorneys in areas such as banking regulation, energy law, real estate transactions and trust & estates law in order to provide the best representation for our clients.

Litigation Trial Preparation

Our litigation attorneys first perform extensive early case analysis to identify the case’s strengths and weaknesses and determine the most effective means of achieving a favorable resolution, including if litigation can or should be avoided or settlement is advisable.

We understand our client’s businesses and know how to prioritize litigation within the overall scope of their business operations.

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