This Panama immigration decree establishes that a foreigner who has worked in one or several multinational companies in Panama, may apply for the permanent resident permit, after 5 years have passed since the approval of the visa for headquarters staff of multinational companies. The 5 year period can be counted continuously or in intervals.

Executive Decree No. 238 states that the applicant will not require additional authorization to work in a SEM company.

For those who are currently working in a multinational company, the requirements are: 

  • Power of attorney and application (notarized and with their respective fiscal stamps) addressed to Department of Immigration.
  • 3 passport photos.
  • Copy of passport collated by a Panamanian Public Notaryor accompanied by certification of the diplomatic representation of your country.
  • Health certificate.
  • Affidavit of personal background (Criminal Background Certificate).
  • Payment of $250 to the National Treasury. 
  • Work letter from the multinational directed to immigration with the labor data including job title, salary, description of duties and time worked.
  • Bank certification letter issued by a bank licenced to operate in Panama showing a balance of at least $1000 plus $1000 for each dependant.
  • Proof of registration in social security system.
  • Certification by Technical Secretariat of the Commission of Licenses of Multinational Corporations Headquarters according to Law 41 of 2007 and Law No. 57 of 2018. 
  • If you have dependents: 
    • Certificate to prove marriage for at least 5 years (authenticated and translated). Includes children up to 18 or up to 25 if they are still dependant due to studies or disability.

For those who have ceased working in a multinational company and already completed the 5 years work since their visa was approved, the requirements are the same but additionally requiring: 

  • Proof of a minimum investment of $150,000 in Panama. This can be achieved by:
    • Bank Time Deposit with a minimum duration of 3 years
    • Real estate property under the name of the applicant, free of loans
    • A combination of a time deposit and a real estate property
  • Certification issued by the Technical Secretariat of the Commission of Licenses of Multinational Corporations Headquarters, proving that the company is or was authorized by the special regime of Panama.

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